Crinkle Taggies, Taggie Tactile Blankie, Wrattle Crinkle Blanket


Taggie Blanket, Fish Taggie Blankie, Ribbon Taggie Blanket

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Crackle taggie blankies are homemade with lots of noisy wrattle made by cellophane in middle of two layers of 100% cotton fabric.

These measure 12ins x 12ins, easy for baby to play with, crunch in a ball, different texture ribbons, satin, ribbed.

Portable, Packable and easily packed for outings – strollers, carseats, diaper bags, etc. The perfect distraction for in the car. Taggies are a security blanket based on the idea that babies and kids love to rub satin edges, clothing labels and tags.

Taggies offer babies and kids a generous assortment of tags which are designed to be both tactile and visually stimulating.
Colourful fish pattern cotton fabric with cream background, multi coloured fish for an overall happy engrossing fabric. Bright satin and ribbed ribbons, which baby will love.

Cellophane sandwiched between two layers of cotton makes an exceptional crackle, crinkle which is loved by babies.

The Taggie Blanket is the simplest of baby toys but beautifully colourful to keep baby amused, can be taken anywhere as it’s small and compact, baby will love the crackle Taggie makes.

This is a homemade product made in an Irish home, in a smoke free, pet free environment and tested by my five grandchildren at different stages, so proof of its effectiveness!